Different Culture and History

The People It has a population of over 26 million with 120 African ethnic groups, none of which represent more than 10 per cent of the population. The main groups are the Sukuma, live in the northwestern part of the country, south of Lake Victoria. The Hadzapi of northern Tanzania while the Iraqw live in the central highlands of Mbulu. The Masaai, who are perhaps the most well known of East Africa's ethnic groups, they dominate northern Tanzania but only occupy a fraction of their former grazing grounds in the north. On the slopes of Kilimanjaro, live the Chagga, who farm the mountainside. The Gogo live near Dodoma. The formerly warlike Hehe live in Iringa District's highland grasses. The Makonde live along the coast on the Makonde plateau. The Nyamwezi have their location in the west. The Haya are located along the shores of Lake Victoria, to the Northwest of the Nyamwezi. In an area of forest and bush live the Ha who retain a deep belief in the mystical.